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vrijdag 04 november 2011

Time Shift Now

Grow beyond politics and technology. From chaos to cosmos. Rethink yourself. Rethink the world. To know truth is easy. To live it is not easy.

Did you do your yoga today? Kite-surfing, running, Tai Ch'i, Falun Dafa. What ever get's you in the 'zone'.

Yoga is not just to get your body in shape or your mind at ease.
It is an evolutionary technology to be studies and applied. Ultimately
Yoga is practiced with the aim of there being a divine Union or return to the One. Each of us is responsible for her/his own process, and each of us must seek to understand the unique mission that the Creator requires of us. The 13-moon calendar is an invaluable tool and essential piece of the puzzle. This is not a Gooogle search. This has happened before. What do you remember? What is your part?
We will raise our frequencies in effective ways that facilitate
transformation and challenge our best for personal and planetary benefit. The aim is to enable you to observe and interact with internal states of consciousness primarily by learning how to concentrate, operate and focus the mind and breath in order to become a medium of transformation embodying a super conscious level of reality. It is nothing about what we thought it was about anyway.
It is about weather you are able to align your own free-will with the Divine will.
So we look forward to your power and talents that will support our growth just by being who you are, to align with the Divine in a delightful way in an honest evaluation of yourself.

Believing is good, knowing is better, but the felt presence of direct
experience is the quintessence. Question everything. Face the answers.

Life is not a rehearsal.

As we evolve into the next stage of being human, we have to transcend our third-dimensional story. To transcend it we must first clearly understand it.

The series of lectures and conversations that SiriS Emanuel hosts in EnergieRegie aims at doing just that. To motivate you to do what must be done from a place of profound conviction and divine motivation.

We are living The Time Shift. Let´s redefine the ´Crisis´ and grow beyond politics and technology. Most of us heard of 2012 and the ´end´ of the Maya calendar (Quiché Maya Longcount) and other prophesies. A prophesy is nothing but a choice. Lets get to the root of it: our selves, here and now, embodying the Divine.
It is real and present. Most of us just keep repeating the same disempowering stories over and over. Some of us have a spiritual discipline but lack the motivation to take it to the next level. Some of us work hard every moment to assist in this process of transcending ourselves.

When it all comes tumbling down, and suddenly you are without your creatures comforts, not knowing your own potential, YOU WILL BEG TO BE GOVERNED. That is the name of the game.

It is time to not only ask questions, but to face the answers.
Find what works for you.

It is time to move beyond politics and dependency on technology by getting to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

This first meeting (Resonant Human, November 21st) we will focus on the ‘crisis’, the world system and the result of not choosing.
The second meeting (Solar Wizard, November 23rd) we’ll talk about the new time, time science and the dimension of number, archetypes and real magic.
The third meeting (Spectral Warrior, November 25th) we’ll talk about practical application of spiritual techniques: yoga, meditation, nutrition, therapy, tantra and states of mind.
The forth meeting (Electric Dragon, November 30th) is reserved for a recapitulation of what was previously discussed and a deepening of our understanding in a group meditation.
The last meeting (Planetary Star, December 7th) we will see how the codes of time are reflected in our daily lives, how to overcome the fatal believe in your karma, instead finding your Dharma, your path in co-creation with the creator.

About Siris Emanuel (aka, ´Ben Ben´ en ´Maya Joost´
SiriS Emanuel and is a planetary engineer and alchemist.
His life is fully lived in abundance and curiosity, dedicated to study,
practice and experience. He brings a devotional and poignant energy to his
sharing of the Sacred Science that is Synchrogalactic Yoga. His intuitive,
compassionate and courageous approach to life will give the student a
deeply empowering, inspirational and healing experience. SiriS Emanuel
combines work and travel to share his teachings everywhere.
Accept his guidance.
'I’m really happy to meet you, you have a special light, an incredible
energy, I love your yoga lessons and everything you share with us.'
'Still remember when I met you..and your words rumbling inside my brain.
Such interesting guy looking for the crazy root of the everything as me and holding that knowledge with such confidence that could guide or orientate others. You are a little piece of a jewel...'

If you consider attending, please enlist at Facebook.

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