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dinsdag 26 september 2017

Please take notice of our guidelines:

We heartily offer and facilitate space to everyone, open to share their offerings (and needs) to our community. Inspired and supported by nature and guide by our holistic, yet logical and simple vision, we explore and integrate awareness, health and sustainability.

We ask you:

·         To return this document after adding your “Event Info”;

·         20% commission of the price of your entrance fee. If you ask for a donation, we ask the same from you. Is the event free, we ask nothing too. Musical events usually are free of charge and compensated differently (see C).

 A.     Lectures, workshops & presentations

o   Usually on Tuesday, Thursday or Wednesday

o   Usually from 20:30 to 22:00

B.     B.     Readings

o   Usually on Friday, Saturday or Sunday

o   During open hours: between 9:00 – 12:.00 and/or 15:00 – 18:00


C.      C.      Music, DJ & Musicians

o   On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday;

o   Usually from 18:00 to 22:00, set up before 18:00;

o   Per musician we offer: one meal & drinks plus €20 (max 3) for travel expenses.

 Check our agenda for available dates & times on Facebook or on our Website.

 If you have previous info, posts, (digital) posters or photos which can promote it, please enclosed them.



Event Info


Title of my event:

Dates & times:





One sentence to promote my event:


Who are the actors:


Other specific needs:


Contact info:

      Full name:

      Email address:

      Phone number: :

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