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Geplaatst door Alec Boswijk   
donderdag 02 mei 2013
Nightmares are part of a process of accessing dreaming energy at its raw form. There are many other layers of energy (emotional), that can obstruct dreaming energy of being part of our totality as human beings. This process can happen naturally or being practiced for years to understand and how it affects our everyday life.

This introduction, is about accessing actively dreaming energy, how to deal with it in real life and how to start understanding the process of nightmares. The format is going to be, first part of presenting the material through words and energetically and second part is about questions and answers on the material presented.

Children and nightmares is going to be addressed since they are more fluid in their perception. How we can learn from them and support them in a journey of accessing their totality as human beings from a very early age as a natural process of human evolution. Practices going to be given for working in dreaming, awake and asleep and how to deal with nightmares and understand them on energetic level.

First part

What is dreaming energy? What’s a nightmare and how are they connected in an active process to access it? How can perception (emotional) filter and change our dreams? How can we access it without those filters? How do nightmares play a part in expanding our awareness?

Second part

Questions and answers from the first part.

You can sign up at
Date:               12 May 2013
Time:               20:00- 22:00
Location:        Alchemist Garden
Address:         Overtoom 409, Amsterdam
Cost:               €20


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